High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) Grib2 Data

This website contains a feed of Grib2 data from the HRRR model. There is absolutely no warranty provided with this data service and it may discontinued as the situation warrants.

Here's the grib data!

Sub-sampled Grib Files

The HRRR grib files are huge! So we are generating files with a sub-sampling of variables included inside. These files can be found in the directory and are described as:


Frequently asked questions

What will happen to this site when NCEP makes HRRR Operational?
On 30 September, NCEP is scheduled to make HRRR operational there. It would appear that ESRL will continue to run their own version of HRRR. My current intention is to stop this service once NCEP is up and running. The reason being to stop confusion with which version of the HRRR this dataset is. Also, I don't really see the point of supporting this service once NCEP is in production mode.

How frequently does the data update?
The data files are streamed one grib message at a time via LDM, with the various files on the website built on-the-fly.


daryl herzmann akrherz@iastate.edu